The day 2nd (7.Oct.)

Preliminaly 1R

It started on schedule for preliminary Round 1. It starts from No. 39 (Masao Matsumoto).
The weather started with fine weather, the good condition of the left-like breeze.
Ito gets high score in the first half and rises on the top.
Wind became strong and gradually became about 5m/S since approximately ten people flew.
The wind came to resist the afternoon more, and 10m/S was recorded, too.

Opening ceremony

2011F3C W/C Japanese team
Opening ceremony

The voltage confirmation pit which was provided just before a starting circle
Each pilot measures the voltage and receives the confirmation of the headquarters officer

Judge member of preliminary Round 1
From this side Naruge judge, Tsutsui judge, Kawamura judge, Taya judge, Sugaki judge

The battery cutting apart pit which the exit of the leaving corridor was provided with.
The player performs the cutting apart work of the power supply circuit here.
Smooth progress and security are secured by appointing a working place.

Wind in particular was strong in the afternoon.

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