Final day (5,Oct.)
Fly-Off 1st Round
Fly-Off 2nd Round
Closing ceremony

Schedule C performance is officially used for the first time for a Japanese championship.
The model flight for judges was performed, and the judge meeting was held continuously.
The weather is cloudiness. There is no wind. Flight conditions are good if it removes that it is hard to see sky performance for a while.
The final round began from Sawamura at 8:30 of scheduled time.
Ten judges examined in the final round.
In the final round, all the contestants performed the wonderful flight.
Especially, attentions gathered for Ito's performance. He used the 2nd heli(electric motor) at this round. (His 1st heli which crashed on the previous day was discovered by the club member of this airport early morning).
He showed the wonderful flight. It was a four-point roll that was especially wonderful.
When the 1st round of the final was ended, three contestants of Dobashi, Hashimoto, and Ito stood in a line by 1000 points.

In the 2nd round, although Dobashi and Hashimoto showed the brilliant flight, they were not able to exceed Ito's score.


Closing ceremony

From the left .
Dobashi, Ito, and Hashimoto .

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