The day 2nd (3,Oct.)
Preliminaly 1st Round

The 1st round became a start in fine weather.
It is a strong wind a few from the right during the morning.
Although the wind became weaker, strength changed at the daytime time occasionally.
It became almost calm in the evening.

The 1st round showed the flight with all sufficient contestants.
Especially the seed contestant in the last fiscal year showed the wonderful flight. It seems that however, the situation of the wind of participation time influenced their score.
At the time of Hashimoto's flight, the wind was blowing strongly especially.
It was influenced by the wind which changes strength also with Ito and Sensui.
Last Dobashi flew on calm conditions. 1000 points were taken out with the wonderful flight to last.
He is the only first-participation contestant.

He is the Japanese champion of a freestyle flight of this fiscal year.

Ito participates by two sets, an engine machine and EP.
He used the engine machine at the 1st round.


1000 points were taken out with the wonderful flight.
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